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Atyourtime provides you premium food delivery service – aimed to serve The London City and other major cities in the UK.

Atyourtime plans to launch in the first week of September 2018 in the northern and western areas of The London City and then gradually expand to other target areas. When your favorite eatery doesn’t offer a home-delivery option in your area but you crave for that beef steak – atyourtime.com comes to your rescue.


We cover all the restaurants with or without home delivery options to allow efficient food delivery at your doorsteps. What makes our service exclusive is that we ensure that the food reaches the customer in the condition in which it was sent by the eatery.



When technology combines with responsibility – websites like atyourtime come into being.

Atyourtime will be the first of its kind to introduce food safety and integrity in an innovative way entirely. The team behind this initiative is itself a consumer of home-delivered food and thus a victim of food tampering and contamination. As responsible individuals of the society, we would like to build a seamless relationship between customers and food vendors.

There are many well-established food delivery services in our target areas, but what makes our service exclusive is the assured food safety and tracking services. This is not only a corporate endeavor but also a social initiative to benefit the society as a whole. Secured food will not only make your take away/home delivered food experience better but also will have its health benefits in the long term.


Our team aims to encourage restaurants and rider to be more responsible in handling food.

This tag & scan policy will urge restaurants to comply with the Health & Safety Legislations as approved by the UK Government. Our application is customer centric and customer friendly to meet your food and savory needs. We strive to make your food diaries worthwhile and create a platform that can guarantee seamlessness and zero alteration in food during delivery.



Atyourtime.com is a food delivery service that aims to strengthen the bond of trust between food vendors and customers by the means of safe handling of food so that food delivered to the customer is not meagre.

The idea behind this initiative is to give a better coverage to all restaurants with and without own delivery service option.


This is to make sure that the food stays fresh, perfectly heated and uncontaminated during the intermediary of reaching to the customer from the vendor.


Customers will be able to track their orders to ensure prompt delivery and be able to rely on food delivery services.

Why atyourtime?

The owner got this idea due to himself being a victim of mishandled food and non-compliance of the health standards to ensure food quality.

The owner got this idea due to himself being a victim of mishandled food and non-compliance of the health standards to ensure food quality. Being a witness of food tampering by the riders, the owner found it necessary to launch a packaging service that bridges the gap between proper food handling and delivery services with real-time tracking technology to ensure that no food experience is destroyed.


Imagine ordering food after a busy and tiring day and getting contaminated food to only affect your digestion? Well, you don’t need to imagine it now!

Salmon appetizer
Master chef

Why should you register with atyourtime.com as a vendor?

It will increase your market share and brand awareness with guaranteed food quality and quality assurance that keeps you in collaboration with the rider and the customer for real-time tracking.

Why should you register with atyourtime.com as a customer?

We guarantee food integrity with a tagged tampered proof food warmer with timely and measurable delivery with an interactive and intuitive App.

Why should you register with us as a rider?

We offer flexible working hours and flexible payment schemes with an interactive and intuitive application.