Executive Summary | Atyourtime
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Executive Summary

“High priority on health and safety combined with technology is what created Atyourtime!”

We at Atyourtime have joined hands to start the endeavour of food integrity and secured delivery. Atyourtime aims to change the way food is handled in the United Kingdom, we want to make sure that the food reaches the customer in the condition it left the restaurant. The idea behind Atyourtime will serve in making the restaurants and their delivery services compliant with the Health & Safety Legislation as approved by the Government of U.K. This will carry some charge on the vendor and the customer but will benefit all the parties involved.


Atyourtime will provide coverage to all the vendors with and without a home-delivery system. This coverage will ensure higher sales for them and better coverage of the catchment areas. Our secure system of food delivery ensures that no one meddles with your food and it’s delivered fresh and warm.


When a customer wants to place an order for food delivery, it should be feasible in two ways. They should be able to trust the safe delivery and order with peace of mind and the second is the convenience of ordering from their favorite vendor who may or may not provide home delivery options. Our customer-centric culture caters to this need.


We pay strict attention to food preservation, and quality thus have a fixed radius of coverage from the customer’s location – to ensure that even if the rider takes the maximum time to deliver the food, it stays fresh. A legacy of satisfied customers can only make the idea behind this initiative successful.


Atyourtime comes with benefits for everyone – the vendor, customer, rider and us!


With our standard joining fee for the vendors, they will be able to cater to a larger boon of customers. This will increase their sales due to better coverage, brand awareness, and quality assurance. The customers will be able to track their food in real time to ensure that it’s uncontaminated and safe. The riders can earn through Atyourtime by working either full-time or part-time.


The food delivered through Atyourtime will be secured in a seamless and insulated food warmer that distinguishes it from any other delivery option as it guarantees food integrity. Atyourtime will launch in the first week of September 2018. As Atyourtime is in its initial phase, we will be launching in the Northwestern areas of the London City as a pilot, then will expand to other parts of the city and then the country.


The atyoutime application will have an interface where you can register as a vendor, customer or a rider. You will be able to order from all the restaurants falling in the radius of X miles around the location of your device. The restaurants will appear as per the rating by the existing users or through sponsored posts. Our user-friendly app will be available for both – iOs and Android users. Help us grow because…

“Food safety depends upon everyone in the food chain.”