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Executive Summary

Atyourtime – by embracing technology and focusing on health and safety, we can ensure integrity in food delivery  

Atyourtime is a socially responsible, customer-centric company with one overarching goal: to revolutionise the way food is handled in the UK, thereby raising Health and Safety standards and enhancing the food delivery experience for both customers and restaurants.


In a nutshell, we want every meal ordered via our platform to reach the customer in the same pristine condition it left the restaurant. We achieve this through our unique process: once our rider collects an order from a premises, they place the packaged food within our own insulated warmer. It is then tagged to avoid tampering or mix-ups with other orders.


The Atyourtime concept will help ensure restaurants meet the Health and Safety legislation approved by the UK Government. As with any premium service, our unique process will carry a charge for the vendor and the customer, but the benefits to both parties are more than worth it.


Crucially, Atyourtime also provides coverage to your restaurant even if you don’t have a home-delivery system in place. This will ensure higher sales for those restaurants and will present exciting new options to users within their catchment area. And again, our secure food delivery system gives you peace of mind that meals will arrive untampered, fresh and warm.


Food preservation is key


We ensure food preservation in two key ways. First, our insulated warmer locks in the heat and maintains the food’s integrity on the journey. Second, we stick to a fixed radius of coverage from the customer’s location, so even if the rider takes the maximum time to deliver the food, it stays fresh. Trust and integrity are our core values, and this transparent, sensible approach will ensure we meet customer expectations more frequently than our competitors.


Vendors, customers and riders all benefit from Atyourtime. A real win-win-win!


Win#1: When vendors join, they will instantly reach a wider audience and increase sales with better coverage, brand awareness, and quality assurance. They can increase their presence on the app through user reviews and sponsored posts.

Win #2: Customers can order food easily via the app and track their food to ensure it’s uncontaminated, safe and on time. When it arrives they can confirm the insulated packaging is untampered by checking the tag.

Win #3: Riders can earn competitive rates through Atyourtime by working flexible hours to suit them either full-time or part-time.


Download the app today and experience Atyourtime for yourself. Available for both iOs and Android users.

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