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The Atyourtime process is so quick and easy,

we’ve broken it down into 12 simple steps:


Download the Atyourtime app from the App Store or Google Play.


Register – it only takes a minute!


Put in your postcode, search restaurants, place an order


Pay securely through the app including delivery charge


Restaurant is notified of order on app dashboard


Restaurant requests Atyourtime rider 5 minutes before order is ready


Restaurant places food in their own packaging


Final food package is placed in Atyourtime’s insulated food warmer to secure food


Atyourtime rider collects food after scanning barcode on tag


Customer is notified that the food has been picked up by Atyourtime


Customer clicks on push notification to track Atyourtime rider


Rider delivers package with untampered tag to prove integrity of food. Tag ID is matched to ID on push notification to avoid mix-up.


Customer accepts food by scanning the physical tag with their mobile device if tag ID matches sent ID OR rejects food if otherwise.


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