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Atyourtime launch food delivery service with use of their fast-forward feature


London, UK – January, 2021 – Atyourtime, a service that provides a smooth and efficient food delivery experience has launched, after much anticipation. The recently incorporated technology company will change the process of how food is delivered from restaurants to customers across the country with their ‘tag and scan’ secured technology, which ensures the safety and integrity of food ordered online using their platform. The dynamic brand is set to be at the forefront of the food delivery business, rivalling some of the biggest names currently in the market, and change the future of not just the food industry, but also the manufacturing of delivery.


The platform is scheduled to launch on the first week of April 2019 and is one of the first of its kind on the market with the distinct ‘tag and scan’ tracking feature. Atyourtime’s determination to create a platform that offers a wide-range of quality food, partnered with a reliable service is the primary objective of the company.


“We wanted to create something different.” said Atyourtime Founder Olushola Shitta. “The food delivery market is estimated to be worth over £82.7 billion and that’s largely thanks to the rise of online delivery concepts. While telephone orders still account for the largest share of orders, the amount of meal deliveries ordered online has increased intensely. However, there are some areas within the industry that can be enhanced, and this is where Atyourtime falls into place. We are here to build upon what already exists and improve the experience for customers.”


Key features of the app are:


Convenient online food ordering – The company creates convenience by identifying all restaurants within a given location that offer take out options. This means that consumers do not have to spend time searching multiple websites. Further, the service makes food ordering easier by providing restaurant reviews, allowing consumers to place an order from anywhere (regular website, mobile website, or mobile app), storing card/bank information for quick payment, and remembering favourite restaurants and previous orders.


Tag and scan – Atyourtime provide a secure food delivery service that aims to reinforce the connection between food suppliers and customers. The idea behind this initiative is to offer an open experience of the process from food preparation through to delivery. All orders will be made through the app or online via the website, minutes before the food is completed the restaurant will notify the driver for pickup and fasten the trackable tag into the insulated food warmer. Once the food is securely delivered to the designated location, the customer can check they have the correct order by checking the unique code on the tag. The tag and scan technology guarantee the deliveries are intact, untampered and in the temperature that was handed to the rider by the restaurant.


Realtime tracking system – Real-time locating systems are used to automatically identify and track the location of people or goods in transit in real time. Installing GPS tracking system to every delivery operation can provide real-time delivery data for better customer service.The customer can track the driver’s journey from inception to finish. A push notification is sent to the customer to inform them that their meal has been picked up (customer is able to track rider via GPS).


Tamper proof technology – In the wake of recent food safety scandals, our research has shown that food delivery is open to contamination and tampering due to the way it is handled during transit. Atyourtime values food safety and hygiene highly and have created a package that safeguards not just the restaurant’s integrity but also the customer’s safety, providing a seamless tamper proof logistic service for restaurants and their customers in a timely and measurable fashion. Delivering food via sealed and uncompromised packaging to the buyer guarantees customer satisfaction and helps build brand loyalty. The brand’s tamper-proof packaging is relatively simple—an Atyourtime branded thermal food bag with the unique tag attached making it obvious if anyone opens it or attempts to re-seal it. This unique technology will bring Atyourtime to the forefront of delivering a trustworthy, quality service to consumers.


Meal preparation time and package – All meals are delivered in secured food warmers, which can be kept by the customer complimentary of Atyourtime. When an order is made the restaurant will package the meal and place it into the branded ‘Atyourtime’ insulated warmer and seals the warmer with a tag – hold on to the bags, we may have some news to share later!


Fixed delivery radius – We pay strict attention to food preservation, and quality thus have a fixed 1-mile radius of coverage from the restaurant to the customer’s location. This ensures that the food stays fresh and edible, even if it should take the maximum time to deliver. A legacy of satisfied customers can only make the idea behind this initiative successful.




About Atyourtime

Atyourtime Limited is a UK registered company that strives to change the way the food is delivered and manoeuvred. We unite the restaurants and customers for a better overall food experience. Atyourtime has come up with first of its kind innovation to help mitigate against and change how our food is delivered to your doorstep. Our TAG & SCAN technical feature guarantees a secure delivery solution and ensures a positive customer experience by following these simple steps: Browse, Order, Track and Accept.



There is opportunity to franchise in this growing business. Investing in Atyourtime offers unlimited earning potentials with the opportunity to be part of a global brand. With only one franchisee per city/town contact to find out about all available territories


Secure Food Integrity with Atyourtime

The food authorities have laid down the parameters beyond which any transgressing entity can be reported as committing a food crime. This also includes alteration in the food – if not done by the restaurants, then by the rider. We at Atyourtime comply with the health & safety standards to make sure that your food is not meagre.


The owner of Atyourtime has himself been a victim and witness of food tampering. In the fast life of the big cities of UK, most people don’t get time to pay enough attention if the packing of the food is opened or if it looks repacked – after such a busy day, when they are waiting for food desperately, they eat it. Atyourtime will make sure that you don’t have to worry about it. Our seamless tamperproof food warmers come with a seal that can only be broken once. If the customer receives the order with a broken seal, they can reject the order and enter it on the app.


We are committed to bringing you secured food integrity through our innovative delivery system. Many customers launch food poisoning complains about restaurants, and their claims get rejected as no facets are found regarding the compromised food hygiene at the restaurant. Do you know where the problem is? It’s not with the restaurant. It is with the delivery!


Atyourtime is all set to revolutionize how food is delivered in the UK. We will launch our services in one part of the London city as a pilot and then to the rest of the city and then the country. The idea behind this is to prove ourselves as someone who can take responsibility for your food. Food is not just a product, but it’s something that affects your health and thus needs to be taken seriously.


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