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GDPR Privacy Policy is an e-commerce website to enhance customers’ experience with regard to food delivery process. Our customers are our asset and we strictly follow the ethics and standards for customer privacy protection. We believe in keeping our customers informed about the storage, use, process, and privacy of the information they provide on our website. Given below is an insight into our privacy policy: orders and deliver the requested services


Note: This policy was last modified on 5 July 2018 and is effective as of 5 July 2018.


Collected Information:

The information provided by our valued customers and site-visitors help us to alter our services to suit customers’ needs in order to provide greater customer satisfaction and live up to customers’ expectations. The information is collected by the following means:
• Through signup, order placement, and checkout forms
• Through our mobile app downloads
• Through calls, emails, or any other means of communication
• Through calls, emails, or any other means of communication



We use the information directly shared by the user as well as from other sources to process correctly. This information is also used to improve our services and to tailor them to fit your needs, troubleshoot issues, optimize your experience, improve site interface, identify your specific interests, and keep you updated on our services and special offers.



The information gathered from the customers and visitors directly as well as from other sources is kept in high confidentiality and used solely for the purposes mentioned above. and all other affiliates – stakeholders use the information for professional reasons to offer, process, and deliver our services. Neither do we sell or share your personal information with any third parties nor is there any such intent involved.



Operating in the e-commerce hub, we put security on high priority and have effective security mechanisms to make our online order system entirely safe. Our website has been secured through SSL, a software tool that encrypts all the information you share with us online – this ensures maximum privacy and security of the customer. We suggest our customers sign out of their account after placing an order and login afresh each time you want to look for something or place an order. This helps in safeguarding from unauthorized access through your laptop or mobile devices.



A cookie is a small piece of data sent from the website and saved on the user’s device by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Specifically designed to remember important information unique to each user, cookies are a reliable way to show optimized options to the user as per their preference. We have discussed our cookie policy separately in this regard.


“Please make sure that you have the absolute privilege to provide or refuse to provide any information. However, certain services can only be accessed by the provision of specific information and refraining from the provision of such information will deprive you of availing our services”


Cookie Policy

Cookies are useful tools to help us recognize our valuable customers each time they log in to our website or portal. Cookies work as a unique web identifier and identify your visitor history on our website. This information helps us offer features such as more relevant ads, ‘Recommended for You’, and storing your invoice/shopping cart details. For the customers who don’t want to share their visiting details, they may disable the cookie settings in their browser settings. However, leaving them turned on will provide you a greater advantage, enabling you to use our exclusive, personalized services.


You may reach out to us in case of any queries regarding our GDPR privacy and cookie policy


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