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Great NEWS!!!!! First of its kind secured food delivery solution at your doorstep
At Atyourtime, we offer you peace of mind with our Tag & Scan secured delivery solution



This is our homepage where all restaurants are displayed.

Order History

This is the customer’s order history page where previous orders can be re-ordered as well as viewing a summary of orders.

Order Acknowledgement

We now provide the user the ability to acknowledge delivery by the rider. This helps alleviate the issue of unnecessary disputes between riders and customers.

Rider Confirmation

Rider accepting order from restaurant by selecting the “confirm order” button.

Ready to Pick

Our “Ready to Pick” functionality helps mitigate against customers food getting cold. Order status automatically changes to “Ready to Pick” whilst the food is being prepared by the restaurant. This button is selected by the restaurant 5 minutes before the food gets out of the kitchen.

On Demand Request

Our On Demand Request service for restaurants to cater for independent order deliveries. This will help increase the restaurant’s sales revenue.


our app for a faster and secure way to order


Atyourtime provides you premium food delivery service – aimed to serve The London City and other major cities in the UK.

Atyourtime plans to launch in the last week of July 2019 in the northern and western areas of The London City and then gradually expand to other target areas. When your favorite eatery doesn’t offer a home-delivery option in your area but you crave for that beef steak – comes to your rescue.


Seasonal Menus

London is the world’s most diverse city for food takeaway, with a vast range of multicultural cuisines. Whether you want to experience fine dining or fast food menu we will help find the perfect place to eat in London.

A wide range to select from quality, simplicity and variety at your finger tips.
Receive your food fresh delivered to your door when you want. Sit back and let your order be brought straight to your door. No need to worry, its safe, secure and at your time!

Click to experience the best London has to offer.